Kumbh Retreat

Sukrit Wellness Tours are about spiritual tourism, amalgamating the values and of techniques of Vihangam Yoga – an ancient science of spirituality, practiced by the Indian Sages. We specialize in spiritual tourism, including Yoga (Asana and Pranayama) training, Ayurved, Vedic culture, Hawan and many more.

The Maha Kumbh Mela, occurring only once in 12 years, offers a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with spiritual seekers and saints from across the globe, in the holy lands of ancient civilization,Prayag. Prayag has been a center of spiritual activities since time immemorial and has been known for the high spiritual vibrations.

Visiting the Kumbh cannot be like a regular tourism excursion, taking the surface look. The real taste of this mega spiritual congregation is best enjoyed when one gets into the roots of spirituality: the Yoga and other ancient wisdom. Sukrit Wellness Tours offers exactly that. We make sure that a visitor not only has a very memorable trip, but also experiences a pleasant transformation physically, mentally and spiritually

1. Ancient wisdom of Vihangam Yoga Mediation
2. Wellness center located in the heart of this holy land, right on the bank of river Ganga, with a view of Sangam. Serene, pollution-free campus, close to Mother Nature.
3. Detailed training of Yoga practices (postures, breathing techniques and inner healing)
4. Ayurved: the Indian herbal medicine, detoxification. Expert doctors.
5. Vedic Hawan, Yajna therapy
6. Multi-cuisine healthy, vegetarian diet.
7. and many more...

Vihangam Yoga Meditation Technique:
The ancient meditation techniques of Vihangam Yoga, practiced by millions across 30+ nations, are certified as exceptionally powerful one by several neuroscientists the world over. It is no new technique but the most ancient one practiced by Indian saints. It helps one achieve the zenith in all dimensions – spiritual, personal, physical as well as social. Discriminating spirituality from religion, Vihangam Yoga helps you connect to your own self, and in turn to a state of vast inner strength and peace, never experienced before.

Practiced under guidance of the spiritual master, the Sadguru, it requires only 10 minutes of regular practice. This meditation is taught free of cost, regardless of one's race, religion, class or sex. Scientists and psychiatrists across the world have found the Vihangam Yoga meditation technique to be immensely helpful in several psychological and neurological problems, apart from enhancing one’s mental capacity in terms of memory, creativity and attention. They also establish it to be helpful in curing and preventing addictions and suicidal tendencies. Practitioners experience many more benefits in all components of daily life, such as:

• Minimized stress and anxiety; giving way to lasting happiness and peace.
• Better physical and psychological health. Very quick de-addiction.
• Dramatic increase in alertness and memory power with a simultaneous increase in the level of
• Improvement in the moral values – one becomes a better person from within.

These effects are not momentary, but enduring; and bring about a transformation in the practitioner's lifestyle in a very short span of time. While these benefits sound very encouraging, the spiritual benefits are truly unmatched, covered in five stages of meditation.

Stage one is about with mind control. Most of the commonly sought-after benefits such as concentration, memory etc are experienced in this level. This stage is a key to success in next levels. Stage two is about the purification of mind. The universal word AUM is realized here. The practitioner draws his scattered spiritual powers inwards. Creativity and intelligence increase.

In stage three, the mind becomes highly focus and subtle. Awakening of Kundalini completes in this stage with the Sadguru’s grace. All other methods of yoga take the practitioner to this level at max. Beyond this, the fourth and the fifth levels are the conscious levels of meditation, leading one to self realization in true sense, and then finally God Realization. All of this takes place in true experience, not imagination, to the surrendered, pure hearted disciple practitioners.

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