Kumbh Retreat


Early morning session at the Yoga studio of relaxation, healing, light exercises and Yoga nidra. Sunset session in the ashram premises comprising of Swarved therapy, relaxation and meditation. Listen to some amazing anecdotes relating to the spirituality of the ashram. Attend the evening aarti at Mahamandir.

"Agna Yog Martyo Duvo Dhyang Jujosh Dhitivhih
Bhasannu Sha Pra Purvya Ishang Vuritaavase”
He who prays to the Almighty, worships the almighty and performs sacred rituals (Yajnas) not only attains all forms of material glory such as power, health, wealth, luck and prosperity but also spiritual progress. Yajna (also Havanam,Havana) is the term for a sacred purifying Vedic ritual that involves a fire ceremony.


Early morning walk to our private and fully secure bathing ghat on the holy confluence for purification on the occasion of the nexus of cosmic energies in the galaxy marking the dawn of a new era. Bathing will take place only on the major bathing dates. Rituals involving mantra chanting for ethereal purification

Ayurveda is an ancient knowledge that has the ability to cure various physical and mind related problems. Our center at Prayag offers quality Ayurvedic consultation and treatment. Our spate of Ayurvedic packages addresses various common problems that we have today such as stress, lifestyle disorder, arthritis, excess weight, toxins etc. Some Ayurvedic services such as pulse diagnosis and consultation with physician, Massage (Abhyangam), herbal medication, detox diet, etc. can be availed. Plus, we also offer Ayurvedic culinary class so that you are able to maintain your diet and good health when you go back home.


Ashram tour: The huge campus of the ashram is spiritually and naturally blessed and comprises of a number of unforgettably mystic sites. Some such sites are the Taposthali Gufa (Cave of austerity), Aakashvani sthal (where Maharshi Sadafaldeo spoke from the void), Mahamandir (5 storied temple with meditation cave), Shankh Madhav temple (an ancient temple), etc.

Swarveda - A book that heals (Swarveda therapy)

Transformational Workshop: Kumbh 2013 Special

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